E-Z Hygiene Tips for the Busy Mom


No time to shower? No problem.

Sometimes you’re so busy taking care of everything else, there’s not enough time to take care of yourself. This is the plight shared by millions of headstrong women who are seemingly taken for granted by today’s male driven society. How many times has this happened – after making breakfast and lunches and confirming that everyone is out on time off to their respective destinations, you can’t even hop in the shower without being late to your own 9 to 5? Just like the pressures you endure, it’s something you need to handle with grace.

Well, don’t you worry, ‘cause the Rockin’ Mama is gonna tell ya a few tricks. For those days when you need to get dressed before you can even wash fully, here’s a couple of ways of making yourself feel fresh and appear as clean as possible:

1. Body Spray

The ultimate shower-in-a-pinch when there’s no time for the real thing! Pick a tastefully fragrant spray and it’s a quick way to imitate a deep cleanse. Be careful not to choose one that is overly pungent, people are gonna think you’re one of these old ladies that smell like they swim in perfume. Simply carry a small bottle of the sweet stuff with you at all times, at work, home, or even at the playground with the kids… a fast spray will mask the odors that could be potentially offensive and it’s business as usual.

2. Free Samples!

michael korsYou likely have a backlog of free beauty product samples scattered throughout your drawer. You may even have makeup and perfume samples of your favorite brands. There is no shortage of ways or places to get free stuff! Next time you’re strolling through the department store, ask the person at the beauty counter what freebies are available. A quick web search will also be a great source for finding samples (like this one) that can be mailed to you. They’re perfectly compact, you can keep them in your bag, your car and even put them near the front door of your home. This way, should a guest suddenly knock or ring the bell, a bit of perfume or facial cleanser can make you presentable in a jiffy.

3. Baby Wipes

Yes, they’re made for babies, and we know what function they were designed to serve. But like any other multi-purpose product, baby wipes do more – so much more! Okay, so you didn’t shower, but when you have a quick minute use a couple of these to clean yourself off, on your face and neck, wherever, just swab the dirt away. It’s essentially a perfumed washcloth, guaranteed to refresh you in a moment’s notice!

4. Makeup

makeupIt’s getting harder and harder to get through your entire preferred makeup routine every day, and more often than not, you need to rush it. Yeah, we use it to hide those little flaws and wrinkles caused by the excessive stress society puts on us, so they’re a necessary evil. Hey, we still gotta look good! A tinted moisturizer is where it’s at. A quick application can improve your appearance from clamor to glamor.

5. Mints

It’s hardly a secret, mints are indispensable. We all have our favorites – I’ve come to prefer the peppermint Altoids Smalls in the tin. Not as big as their more-common larger size counterpart, they slip easily into a pocket or purse. Strictly for when you’re on the go, ‘cause you can always swig mouthwash in a moment’s notice at home. They’re perfect for when you’re about to enter a meeting, speak with a coworker or when you see that friendly acquaintance approaching – just pop one in and you’re good.altoids

6. Talcum Powder

I know, some of these are no-brainers, but they’re worth mentioning anyway. When you feel gross under your arms, boobs or feet, talcum powder is the remedy. It minimizes moisture and odor. Plus, since they are available in a variety of subtle scents – such as vanilla & lavender – it’s also sense-appealing to those around you.


7. Baby Powder

Baby Powder is different from talcum powder in that cornstarch is its active ingredient. Making it particularly useful, it’s perfect for use as a dry shampoo! When your roots are looking greasy and you’re on the run, sprinkle some on your hand and run a comb through your hair so it absorbs the oils. You’ll look and smell great in moments – that’s the key to everything, isn’t it? ‘Cause when you feel great, the world is yours for the taking, honey!


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