Easter: A Holiday With The Family


A great day to be together and enjoy a number of fun traditions!

I’m aware that there is a deep and profound religious origin for Easter, and no one should ever presume to disrespect that. But to be honest, I’m a bigger fan of the commercial holiday it’s become, mostly because it brings the family together for a day of fun! Who could be against that? From Easter eggs to chocolate rabbits to a wonderful dinner to the legendary Easter Bunny, there’s a reason Easter endures as a national holiday beyond the theological and it is fertile ground for planting a number of family traditions and enjoy watching them grow and be passed on year after year…

The Traditions



What Easter would be complete without baskets? Easter baskets are a beloved staple of the holiday and they’re a great way to get the kids involved. No, you don’t need to actually weave them from scratch (although you could) but you can all participate by decorating your own. Or even better, brothers and sisters can make the baskets for each other. They likely know what the other likes so it’s a nice way for them to be thoughtful, considerate and even generous to each other. If there’s an only child, encourage them to be creative and put them in charge of basket design. It’s a responsibility they will relish. Let them know you will provide whatever decorations they request. When they are done help them fill the baskets with goodies like candy and let them take a little extra for themselves. In either case, one or many children, have a bunch of dollar store toys on hand to round out their baskets with an additional element of fun.



Continue the decorative activities with the most important tradition of all – dyeing hard-boiled Easter eggs. In fact, it’s a moment that deserves to be captured forever. Use your camera phone and document the egg painting process as your children make a variety of tie dyed and rainbow inspired eggs, soon to be hidden or outright enjoyed. Between all of you, you should be able to make an abundance of the hard boiled treats!

The Hunt

Why you’d need to have plenty of Easter eggs to begin with should go without saying – the famous tradition of the Easter egg hunt! It’s up to the grownups to hide them throughout the house and backyard (and to remember where they’re hid!). It’s not important for the kids to find them in a single afternoon, you can spread the fun over a few days, weather permitting. Create rules that indicate different tiers of eggs. For instance, yellow eggs will win the lucky scout a shiny new quarter. Blue eggs might put a half dollar in their pocket while the revered pink egg can bring in a hefty dollar. This guarantees a memorable and rewarding experience.

The Family

New Life

Speaking of planting, starting an Easter garden is a fun way to liven up the yard and spend quality time with the children. And what better way to ditch winter than to sit in the grass and get dirty creating a new garden. All of the spring favorites should be plentiful – marigolds, petunias, and others will transform bare soil into a colorful hotbed of plant life. To know what will thrive in your own background, pick up a regional gardening guide and be guaranteed a garden full of bloom. Be sure to take any necessary precautions to treat or prevent any allergies.growing-a-new-easter-garden


An annual tradition such as this should be chronicled with a photograph of the entire family, at the least. With everyone dressed in their Sunday best, it’s really the perfect opportunity. Take it in the back yard, or if you are all attending a service stage it on the nicely kept church ground. Taking a group shot each year will create a collection of memories you will always enjoy and cherish.easter-family-portrait-memory

The Food


It goes without saying, really, but you’ve got to have fresh snacks available throughout the day. Hand out aprons to the kids, and let them participate in the preparation of the tasty treats! Cupcakes, cookies, Jello, it’s all good, anything goes. You might want to limit the chocolate as there is probably plenty around in the form of store bought candy eggs and bunnies. Get some fun shaped cookie cutters and cake molds and have a blast with bunny shaped cookies and cake.fun-decorated-easter-cupcake-snacks


Take some time to prepare a wonderful dinner with the help of a few quick cooking tips! It’s a feast for your family to enjoy that should be complete and highlighted by a large baked ham (the traditional main dish) that you can complement by also serving a multitude of side dish favorites such as scalloped potatoes, grilled asparagus, Yorkshire pudding, various casseroles and maybe even the addition of extra main dishes like lamb or pork roast. Make it one that your family and guests will thoroughly enjoy and use a standard by which all future Easter feasts will be measured. Are you prepared to outdo yourself each year? It’s hard work that doesn’t seem like work at all!easter-dinner-feast-entertaining-guests


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