Easy Mealtime: Four Home Cooking Basics You Should Know


It’s All For The Best

In times such as these, where most of us experience our share of economic struggle, certain adjustments are made by the common family to aid them in surviving reasonably. Carpooling, shopping at the dollar store, and forgoing cable or satellite TV, are all examples commonly employed by us to make life a little easier. Also at the top of the list – cooking at home. And when you get good at it you’ll find that you’re conserving not only time and energy, but money as well.

Storage & Prep

Having your refrigerator and dry goods cabinets well-organized is the first step to easy mealtime. Transparent, stackable containers are best for quick identification. You may further store food per each meal’s specifications. Place these containers with the dishes you intend to use to facilitate easy distribution. Having a firm grasp of your inventory will allow you to plan ahead and be prepared for each day’s meal(s). This knowledge will minimize time spent and may even eliminate last-minute cooking entirely. You may prefer to write it all down or create a spreadsheet to ensure a solid itinerary.

Basic Cooking

Keep it as simple as possible. If you are hosting guests and feel a larger sense of responsibility, don‘t add to your pressures by trying something overly ambitious. Stick with what you’re familiar with. Pick something you can knock out with ease and you are guaranteed success. Peek online for easy side dish ideas. Fare that you can prepare early and will be ready to serve in a moment’s notice is ideal. Cheese and crackers for instance, is remarkably popular. Meanwhile, your focus is on the main course. You can’t go wrong! And don’t stress over dessert. Honestly, the frozen goods aisle features many reasonably-priced tasty sweets that your family or guests are sure to enjoy. And if they’re up on their etiquette, they’ll likely bring something to add to easy mealtime.

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Continual Cleanup

The most efficient means of clutter cleanup is to maintain it as you go. By keeping a clear workspace you will be able to wash and put away related accessories quickly. As soon as you’re finished with it, get it out of there! Always keep a dishcloth handy, and keep the counter clean with frequent wipe-downs. You will happily discover that you were able to spend the majority of your shared time with your guests. Meanwhile, you won’t have a vision of a cluttered kitchen and sink full of dirty dishes in the back of your mind.

Think Practical

Some people never consider what’s in season. If you plan your meal around what is currently abundantly available you will not only be serving the freshest of foods, but you will save money at the cash register, too. Plus, most veggies and fruits are usually at their peak nutritional value and flavor at the time of harvesting so being in-sync with the seasons will go a long way at mealtime.Brown Sugar Spiced Baked Chicken 3 - Easy Mealtime: Four Home Cooking Basics You Should Know

Wouldn’t you say that’s all pretty simple? Like anything else, practice will lead to perfection. When cooking at home becomes second nature, you’ll be free to do so much more. Elaborate meals will be executed with greater ease. You’ll be finished early enough to enjoy a full evening’s possibilities. All thanks to the concept of easy mealtime!


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