Health Tips for Today’s Busy Woman

Mother and two daughters (8-12) in kitchen

Caring for yourself in the modern bustle

There are many types of women. Certainly, the average woman of today is much different than the one of fifty years ago. Very few ladies are content to be the doting housewives of yesteryear, and many take their independence with a shot of adrenaline. Of course they may be single, or possibly even prefer an alternative lifestyle. If they have families they are not to be disrespected. They multi-task like none other. From delegating and participating in household chores – everything from laundry to housecleaning to attending community or children’s school meetings – all the while they also maintain part or full time jobs. Whew! Whatever road is chosen she’s moving forward, doing what needs to be done. Today’s woman is a force to be reckoned with. And you are today’s woman.teacgher conf

In our busy lives, it’s easy to lose track of important concerns such as keeping one’s health in check. Time isn’t in abundance, but everyone needs to slow down once in a while to care for themselves. You’ve managed to squeeze in a pedicure next week and you’ve got a hair appointment scheduled, but why not take it a step further to help promote a healthy and fit body? How can you stay toned on a mad person’s schedule?haiiir

Don’t take walking for granted! Obviously, it’s easy and you do it every day, but it’s also great exercise! The more step out, the healthier you’ll be. Are you one of the lucky few who live within reasonable walking distance to work? If so, make the trek by foot! And if you’re walkinglike most of us suckers who have to drive, park a short distance away from your place of employment, so you can benefit from the additional exercise. If neither is practical, simply incorporate the activity into your routine another way. Maybe you can do thirty minutes after work. It all leads to making you feel better and potentially living a longer and healthier life. There is no underestimating the benefits walking and other physical activity have on your heart, body, mind and soul.

Now that we’ve established how important exercise is, have you considered adding a little deskercise to your routine? If you’re like most of us you work a 9 to 6 with a desk of your own, and you perform your tasks sitting. Not surprisingly studies have concluded that sitting for prolonged periods of time generally is not good for your health. Between paper pushups and book presses, “deskercise” is a real thing, there’s a whole science to it that’s been mapped out. Check online for more details of what you can do at your desk to keep fit.deskercis

Here’s a trick that no one will argue with – keeping snacks on hand! But you gotta make ‘em of the healthy variety. Too many people opt for the ease of junk food that is sky high in calories. But don’t head to the vending machine for a bag of chips and a soda. That crap’s no good, too much of it can lead to problems like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc… So, to ensure that you make better nutritional choices simply keep healthy snacks nearby. And they can be tasty – veggies and dip, almonds, yogurt, fruit, yummy protein bars… your diet probably doesn’t stray too far from these things anyway, make ‘em work for you.snakkkks

Choose high protein meals. They help you lose weight. They also keep your blood sugar on point and aid digestion. Your cravings will be kept under control and your appetite managed. Among the wide range of high protein foods, women seem to prefer cottage cheese, (a single serving has only 110 calories and 20 grams of protein), hard boiled eggs (at only 77 calories, a single egg contains 6 grams of protein), Oatmeal (a cup of the fiber rich treat packs up to 4 grams of protein at just under 150 calories), etc…steak

Meanwhile, during the intervals – train! By now you know it’s important to keep your body fit by exercising. Implementing workouts into your schedule is a must for the modern woman. You don’t need to invest a lot of time – it’s not the quantity but the quality of your workout that counts. A tight concentrated 20 minute session will work wonders for you. Interval workouts are perfect because no matter how busy you are you can still squeeze in a brief session fairly often. Implement these ideas and soon you will benefit from improved health and self-value, making the stresses of home and work a lot more manageable!


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