Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms


Tips for earning an income around your busy schedule

You’ve chosen to be there for your family. That’s awesome, there is nothing wrong with that. In today’s often radically feminist climate, it’s even commendable. You think for yourself and you make your own decisions. You have integrity.

But how can you earn an income and be a homemaker at the same time? Thankfully the modern age makes it much easier to add part- or even full-time work to your daily schedule. If you are willing to set your goals realistically, there is most definitely something out there for you. Sure, everyone wants to write romance novels or be the famous blogger, but there are countless other options beyond those that may actually be more suitable to you.


There are circumstances to consider – such as your environment. Are there blocks of time that you are able to speak freely and clearly on the phone, without outside interference? If not, do you at least have a few uninterrupted hours to work with to work on the computer or whatever else is necessary? Figure out what type of schedule you are looking at and be ready to convey that to a potential employer.

Naturally, it won’t hurt to have an advantage right out of the gate. Especially if you expect a better-than-average rate of pay, you need to possess a likewise skill set. Are you good with Photoshop? Learning it and/or taking a graphic design course could be your first steps into a larger world. It can open the doors to a well-paying job in web design


Computer programmers are always in demand. If you can write code, you’re golden. It’s a skill that is needed in all industries. Even the smallest of companies has a website to maintain and they want employees with some knowledge of code.

Larger scale companies will always need developers and experienced programmers, and often provide opportunities for freelance work. You may even be brought on permanently. Since you would be working remotely, the likelihood that they could work around your schedule is increased.


Maybe it’s your dream to sell the dozens of knick knacks you’ve collected through the years, or even the creative crafts that you make. If such is your endeavor the computer is still your greatest asset. Open an online shop for your wares. There are established sites that allow you to open your own stores; obviously eBay is the giant, but smaller outlets like may actually prove to be more profitable.

If helping others is a priority, you may have luck finding something that pays you to do so. Most charities have marketing departments that have positions that may be filled offsite. Non-profits depend on marketing employees to help get their word out, and although the pay may not be the greatest, you can find it personally rewarding.


And there are other ways to help people – tutoring, for instance. Online, you may be able to get a job with websites such as, where you can help students via the internet. Of course, you may even start your own little business and tutor local kids right from your home.

Back online, there is a wealth of companies that hire people to manage their databases. In fact, a data entry position is a great way to get your foot in the door with a good company. Prepare yourself by becoming acquainted with such programs as Excel.

When recommending taking online employment, it would be irresponsible not to remind you to be wary. There is a lot of work-from-home scams designed to take advantage of you. Obviously you should never have to give your credit card or bank information when applying for a job. Check out the company before giving them your social security number, too. And no one should have to come to your home to interview you. Be cautious.

work-from-homeHow about the glamorous world of phone-based work? It may not be prestigious, but taking any job is an act of dignity to be proud of. You just need to be available to take phone calls for IT help, sales, or customer service. There are an abundance of positions in this arena and it’s not a bad gig to do from home.

It can be discouraging trying to find a job you like. Sometimes finding any job can be tough. Truer than ever is the notion that a position that is not entirely ideal is better than none at all. Always be on the lookout, you can compromise on a job you don’t particularly care for and find something much better in the meantime!

As with any endeavor, a successful outcome depends on how much you put into it and how ambitious you can be per your circumstances. Be efficient and maximize the potential of your off-time!


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