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Save $ by pampering yourself at home

Every now and then, every one of us is gifted with a day at home alone. Now, I’m not going to assume your living arrangements. Let’s just say you have ‘the place’ to yourself. Whether that means your husband or kids, roommate or boyfriend are out, or it’s only your gang of cats that are ever around – it’s a circumstance you want to take advantage of. You work hard. You play just as roughly. You have a tough time bouncing back, and you stress a bit too much. You don’t even think to do a little something for yourself from time to time. You’re lacking in TLC. You just want to chill. OK maybe I’m talking to myself, too… I don’t have $100 for a full-fledged spa day, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to experience some of that same pleasure and relaxation right at home. We can pamper ourselves on the affordable tip, and reap the benefits of being rejuvenated.

You’re going to go head to toe, taking your time, until you’re ready to drift away and start a new day, fresh and ready take on its challenges. I’m going to show you how, but one thing at a time…

It’s not easy to quickly change your mindset from high gear to slow down. You need to set the tone and get yourself into the right headspace. Start early in the day, wear something that you are entirely comfortable in (just a bathrobe for me). Pour yourself your favorite beverage. My choice at this point of the day is Chinese green tea, though it will evolve over the next few hours. And you’ve gotta have tunes. I’ll bounce between Dave Matthews, John Mayer and a little classic N’Sync. Whatever gets you in the zone. There’s a lil’ something else that helps, and it’s all natural. I’ll usually light it up simultaneously with my favorite incense. It helps create an inviting atmosphere when the environment is fragrant.dave 1024x576 - SpaLight: DIY

Now, backed by refreshment, music and comfort your body can slow down, naturally. Your mind relaxes, too. Your body is quiet. It’s time for a facial steam. It’s so easy it’s quaint. First, wash your face thoroughly. Then, heat a small pot of water to a proper steam and add your favorite herbs and oils. Drape a towel over your head and face down just above the bowl and breathe deeply. Let the steam do its work and penetrate your pores. Breathe deep for about ten minutes.face steaming - SpaLight: DIY

Now, scrub yourself. Use your favorite exfoliating body scrub recipe and apply it in the shower (you can find easy-to-make body scrub recipes online). Exfoliating after a steam is proven to diminish the appearance of blackheads. And dang it, it feels refreshing, so take your time. Once you saunter out of the shower apply an oil hair mask or other hair treatment that you prefer and wrap your mop in a towel. The treatment will soak in as you make your paradise bath. You likely have a favorite bath routine. I like to add a ¼ cup of honey, ½ cup of almond oil, and a tablespoon of vanilla extract. To give the bubbles a little motivation, I’ll also add ½ cup mild hand soap. For me, it’s perfect. Pick your own mix of decadence, dim the lights, and light a few candles. Your skin is ready to absorb the nutrients of the bath and your mind is taking in the peace and tunes. Around this time, I pour myself my first glass of wine. There are no hurries today.rm 1 - SpaLight: DIY

Whenever you decide to emerge from the bath hop back in the shower and rinse yourself off and shampoo if necessary. You may be feeling a bit like butter at this point. That’s a good thing. Now you’re ready for a facial mask. Follow the directions of a store bought one or have fun with one of your own making. I prefer those of the oatmeal or banana variety – no fatty oils here.

Now we’ve reached my favorite part – a bit of pampering for my poor neglected feet. Gently massage your favorite foot cream into your feet and cover them with plastic. Wet a fresh towel, ring it of excess water and pop it in the microwave for one minute. Then, put the hot towel around your feet and let sit for 10-15 minutes.

foot treatment 1 - SpaLight: DIY

Finally, remove all of the foot wraps and rinse your face mask off with warm water. Now it’s time for your usual routine that may include night moisturizer or eye cream. You should be feeling downright tranquil at this point. You had a rewarding day of satisfaction and you’re about to sleep like a bear on vacation.


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