Ideas for Winter Days at Home


From the romantic to the frivolous, making the most of the cold cozy days!

You realize just how easy recreational life is during the warm weather seasons. You can go out with minimal preparation and the world is your oyster, you’re able to go anywhere and do anything. When it starts to get dark earlier some of your favorite outdoor activities are inhibited. Plus, it starts getting cooler and things like swimming or sunbathing are ruled out completely. The times shared with your significant other have to adapt and roll with the changes. So we are going to look at some of the advantages of being a couple in the winter. Some of them are quite obvious, yes, but maybe you never really thought about them quite like this…

Underwear and hot drinks

Baby, its cold outside, but we’ve got each other, blankets and hot cocoa. Sometimes there is little reason to leave home, like a Sunday when there’s snow on the roads. You can lounge around in boxers, or an oversized t-shirt or your old reliable pajamas! There’s hot cocoanothing better than binge watching new shows that you’re mutually interested in while snuggling. Have some food delivered and it will be a carefree day of personal quality equal to summer days that you spend ten times the money!


See the wintertime sights

You’re not likely content to stay in all weekend, however, at some point you’ll go a bit stir crazy and become a lil’ adventurous. With the upcoming holidays, it can be a thrilling and joyous tour seeing your town transformed into a flashy winter wonderland. Put on your snow gear, don’t forget your boots if you’re walking, and brave the breeze so that you may see the sights. Go arm and arm and share the holiday spirit. Take a slow drive and enjoy all of the colorful lights and decorations that are so lovingly placed on the homes and businesses that want to spread their cheer. If you live in a city you may even want to take a ride on a horse-drawn carriage.

winter sights

When in doubt – cookies!

Could there possibly be a greater way to warm a cold day than to bake up batches of goodies? And you’re not limited to cookies, of course (unless you want to be and there is nothing wrong with that), you could pop in some cakes, brownies, pies, or start it all off with some pizza! Hey, you’ve settled in for an afternoon at home, and your loved one loves warm snacks just as much as you! Get messy and have fun, and everything is better in twos!holiday cookies


Games with two people can be fun (depending on the game!) but if you have family or friends over, games can be a blast! Ditch the video games, there’s a reason board games have been extremely popular for a century! They are truly entertaining when a group of people is involved. Card games are great too, and if you don’t mind a little raciness the modern phenomenon, “Cards against Humanity” is for you! It’s definitely not for the easily offended, so be sure you know the participants well enough before springing this on them.

Be like Michelle Kwan!

You probably have no idea how lucky you are if you live in an area where it actually gets cold enough to absolutely freeze your nearby lakes. Crazy-cold temperatures withstanding there is nothing more fun than venturing out onto the ice – unless you have ice skates, that is! It’s so cute and fun to hold hands and skate in circles. Or you may prefer to pick up the pace a bit, but be mindful of others!lake

The Fireplace

It’s a shame that some folks will find some of these examples non applicable (you’re not going to be walking on a frozen lake in Southern California) but I hope many of you have a fireplace. On those really cold nights, starting a fire with a few logs of wood in a brick fireplace and warming up with your lover by snuggling tightly is a recipe for romance. It’s the perfect setting for an intimate conversation, or none at all where you simply melt into each other’s arms with the comfortable silence that you have earned. You’ll surely feel those flames get hotter!


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