Ten Humble Household Hacks


Random yet effective ideas that will save you $

It’s that time. Everyone’s talking about “these hacks” or “those hacks”, so we would be gravely amiss if we didn’t join in. Now, we’re hip, and we want to help. So we checked in with Lauren Greutman for some ideas. People who keep house needn’t be ashamed, and if there are ways to make their jobs a little easier, we say “Godspeed!” Of course, Lauren’s hacks are designed to save you a few bucks, a savings you’ll notice after just a few months following their implementation! So here’s a summary of her suggestions that we find easily doable –

1. Retire the landline

phoenee These days it’s just not necessary to maintain a landline. Cell phone plans are beyond affordable, especially when you compare them to the cost of most landlines. Of course, if you have a landline, it’s probably because you prefer it… or you’re a major procrastinator. But if you’re feeling a pinch on your budget, it’s an overdue sacrifice.

2. Toilet Tank Water Displacement

This is an effective idea best used with older toilets. In fact, the concept is obsolete if you have a new water-efficient model. But if you don’t, just put a brick or even a fresh water bottle in your tank and that alone will simply make it consume less water when flushing.

3. The Power of the Strip

Plug your appliances into a power strip and protect them all from surges. On the economical tip, they’re also condensed to one click away from being turned off when not in use. You likely know that appliances will still suck energy from outlets when they are switched “off”. Instead of unplugging them, use this tip so the wall switch controls them all and ensures maximum energy conservation.L3nHu

4. Keep the Curtains Closed

We’re not implying that you engage in shady behavior behind closed doors, but by keeping the curtains and blinds tightly closed, you can increase your control of the interior temperature. By preventing the intrusion of outdoor heat you won’t need to run the AC as much, and the less money you’ll spend.

5. Set the thermostat

First, if you’re concerned about conservation and saving money, you should have curtains on your windows. It helps retain the heat or cold, whatever the season demands. And if you have a programmable thermostat, learn how to use it! If you can set it to keep low temps at night, and to automatically shut off when you are at work or away on a trip, you will prevent needless energy consumption. Of course, it won’t hurt to cut a degree or two from your usual setting when you’re home.saveeee

6. Reduce the Water Heater Temp

Typically, we have our water heaters set a bit higher than is really necessary. Of course that’s how they usually are set direct from the manufacturer. So if you never tweaked yours it’s probably set to 140 degrees. Cut that baby down to 120! If necessary, check the manual to translate the temp as shown on your gauge (if it doesn’t show degrees). This will save money and prevent potential scalding – seriously! Plus, you’ll prolong the life of your water heater and you can shut the whole thing off when you leave for more than a day or two

7. Turn off dishwasher “heat”

The dishwasher not only washes, it dries your dishes as well. Here’s the thing – you can save a bit of energy by turning the “heat” dry option to OFF, thereby saving on the energy typically spent on the dry feature.

8. Turn off the Water

Speaking of the dishwasher, we all seem to have a habit of rinsing the dishes and letting the water continue to run as we put them into the machine. Obviously, that’s a wasteful habit. Try turning the water off and scrubbing your dishes lightly before inserting them. After all, they don’t need to be completely clean when they’re going to be washed anyway. Apply the same concept of shutting the water off to when you’re brushing your teeth or even lathering up in the shower for max savings.

9. Learn a few things.

If you can master a bit of DIY home repair, you’ll reap the benefits quickly. With so many tutorials on YouTube anything that needs to be fixed around the house can be repaired by practically anybody (electrical work should be handled by a pro). Plus, feelings of accomplishment aren’t bad and you’ll look cool, too

10. All Natural Cleaners
Boy, chemicals are expensive these days. Even meth cooks are hurting. But you can clean your home just as well without those store bought concoctions by using some of the cheap and natural things you have lying around. It’s the truth, baking soda and vinegar can clean just about anything, costs less than store bought cleaners and can be much safer because you aren’t bringing all that toxicity into your home.


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